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Welcome to Taxi Advertising  

TOAL’s Taxi Advertising has become an increasingly popular option for advertising in our major towns and cities. TOAL has developed opportunities to advertise your brand on taxis across the UK whether by covering an entire taxi to promote your product or selecting side of cabs to promote an event.

We offer variety of options from just one advertising format or mix and match products across the entire Taxi to maximise the impact and reach wider audiences. Taxi advert includes wide range of products and options: Liveries, Supersides, Rear Windows, Tip Seats and brand receipts.

TOAL Creative Experience and Expertise:
Taxi Advertising works to ensure that the advertisers get the satisfaction and return from their campaign. We believe that Taxi advertising needs to have a striking look for them to be effective especially as they pick up people from the stations, homes, clubs, restaurants, shopping malls, sport stadiums etc.

Taxi Advertising is always seeking ways to make the biggest impact and demonstrate our creative capacity in reaching greater audiences.

Taxi Advertising Options
  • Livery
  • Supersides
Taxi Advertisings liveried taxi creates an extremely visible opportunity for advertisers to promote their high quality brand. Liveried Taxi can cover all surfaces (with the exception of the boot). Taxi Advertising wants to make sure advertiser get an eye-catching design and format completely covering the world’s renowned London taxi with your message to attract attention by looks from street sides, offices, restaurants, taxi users etc.

Taxi Advertising own research and feedback demonstrate Liveries are the sovereign in taxi advertising and reach the maximum audiences, giving advertisers the greatest return for their campaigns.

Taxi Advert uses the latest technology in supporting advertisers to be innovative in the design and format in promoting your brand and reach to your potential audiences.

Taxi advertising is ever expanding in many Cities and Towns. We can provide you with a cost effective solution to your advertising needs from a 4 week campaign up to a full 1 year campaign. Enquire for special rates call 0121 327 7444.

Livery Rates
12 Months
£ 2800
6 Months
£ 2300
3 Months
£ 1900

The two panels per taxi, popularly known as Supersides offer an excellent opportunity to reach audiences through vehicular and pedestrian on both sides of the street, from shops, retail parks and business quarters. The supersides reach to wider population in busy towns and cities and give the opportunity of a definite eye catching level attraction. Taxi Adverts Supersides designs and formats give companies and organisations the opportunity to make a visual statement and showcase their brands.

Supersides Rates
12 Months £ 1200
6 Months £ 800
3 Months £ 500
1 Months £ 200
Productions £ 70 - £ 120 per taxi