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Twilight’s Billboard advertising offers the far-reaching opportunities for companies either in branding themselves and appears next to the likes of HSBC, SKY and BT or simply raise awareness through a message campaign or promotion of a new product. Twilight provides sites, which give maximum exposure for the brands and products.

Twilight gives you opportunities to target audiences and consumers in areas that will work for your business for as little as £50 per week!

Types of Billboard Advertising
48 sheets
48 sheets provide the most traditional and well-known outdoor advertising with excellent quality coverage. This form of advertising gives opportunity for advertisers to select specific audiences in a given locality but also benefit in mass reach as consumers are either passing through certain areas or doing their daily routines and are attracted by the eye catching posters.

96 Sheets
Twilight offers selected and prominent location for our 96 sheeters making sure they are at prominent standout positions giving the advertisers maximum return in reaching to the audiences.

6 Sheets
Twilight is actively developing and expanding in acquiring the 6 sheet panels across many cities and regions and are available as part of the wider packages or on their own.

Targeting Specialist Audiences
Twilight Outdoor provides advertisers the greatest flexibility in demographic targeting of audiences to make the most impact in reaching audiences. Twilight can offer specific advice and package flexibility in attracting and achieving results for advertisers.

Twilight Outdoor cover many roads for advertisements some are as follow:

  • Trinity Road (Aston)
    • 48 sheet approx 500 yards away from the Aston villa football ground.
    • Regular attendance of 20,000 people.
    • Starts from Witton Lane and leads to Birch Field Road, which is  a main route in and out of town.

  • Cotterills Lane (Ward End)
    • 48 sheet billboard
    • located on the corner of Cotterills, Belchers Lane
    • leads to Alum Rock, Small Heath, Pelham /Washwood heath, and Stechford in either direction so the route is very busy.
    • Bus route of 28A+B .

  • Lady Pool Road (Mosley)
    • 48 sheet billboard
    • located on the corner of Lady pool Road and Oldfield   road.
    • Its a prime location as Ladypool Road is well known through  out the Asian communities for its clothes and good food.
    • It attracts thousands from all over every week.

  • Coventry road/ St Oswald’s road  (small heath)
    • Located on the corner on St Oswald’s Road and Coventry Road.
    • will be seen by thousands every day, Coventry Road is a busy route with people going into town and coming out of town .
    • Buses 57,58,60 run this route there is also Birmingham City Football Ground.
    • Located down the road, attracts fans every match.
    • being two big supermarket chains on either side of the Coventry road which attracts people.

  • Coventry road/Dora road (small heath)
    • Located on the Coventry Road joining Dora road.
    • Will be seen by thousands every day.
    • Buses 57,58,60 run this route there.
    • Located near Birmingham city football ground which is down the road.
    • attracts fans every match as well as there being two big supermarket chains on either side of the Coventry road which attracts people